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sew a stylish top for kids

Sew a beautiful top
a quick DIY
Hello friends and viewers, 
I was sewing a dress for myself and my daughter asked me: why don't you sew for me.I love it more than you bought from market.
Her appreciation touched my heart and planned to make a top for them, my 2 daughters, my love.
My sewing method is not a long tailor procedure.
Even the beginners can make it with these step by step procedure, i m mentioning below 👇

2 meter plain cloth
1/2 meter printed cloth
9 tussels
a pair of scissors
measuring tape
sewing machine 


fig a

fig b

fig c

Take a plain cloth, fold it in half for shirt front and back(fig a),now further fold it in half shown in fig will look as in fig c .


fig d
 place a best size shirt on the cloth and start marking.keep in mind,leave 1 cm seam allowance. cut it now.
i will look like in figure d. don't draft neck at this point

Take out sleeves from the remaining cloth.I forgot to take the image when i was drafting.
Its just the same way, you drafted the shirt.By Placing the shirt sleeves on a folded cloth. Leave 1 cm seam allowance.
Fold should be on top. Take out the other sleeve in the same way

fig e
 For the front neck design, drag stripes and make 5 stripes
 middle stripe: 28cm
2nd &4rth stripe: 25cm
1st &5th stripe: 21cm 
all sripes 2cm
space between stripes 2cm 
your shirt front panel is ready to work on...... figure e 

 if you are making for a big girl, increase the length accordingly,you can increase the no of stripes also .

fig f

fig g

fig h

fig i

Now take a beautiful printed cloth of your choice;should be bold and stunning.
  Start cutting long stripes.width should be 3 cm a little more.
Make 9 bias tapes with the help of tool shown in fig g and h.
Press it with iron.
This tool bias tape maker is easily available in sewing stores.if not available you can make without it by folding the edges,leaving 2cm width of the tape.
your stuff is ready to put on the need some tussles also for more detail .(fig i)


Sew all bias tape one by one on the shirt and sleeves. Don't forget to sew tussle at the end of the bias tapes.sleeve tussles will be sew after attaching the sleeves to the shirt.


Its time to draft the neck.cut it out.hem its front and back with bias tapes and join front and back panels of the shirt. Hem the shirt bottom.

Attach the sleeves and sew the shirt from wrong side all together.start from the  shoulders sewing down to the shirt bottom.
 A perfect top is ready to can make many color combos of your own choice.

My girls got the perfect tops and i m happy to see them.
For a slideshow watch my video:
 Try it yourself and do feedback me, i love to hear.


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