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its time for summer to stay  healthy active .we need some very healthy, natural and easy drink to hydrate us. here come a very easy recipe. it will keep you hydrated low calorie heat stroke constipation    

sew a stylish top for kids

Sew a beautiful top a quick DIY Hello friends and viewers,  I was sewing a dress for myself and my daughter asked me: why don't you sew for me.I love it more than you bought from market. Her appreciation touched my heart and planned to make a top for them, my 2 daughters, my love. GOOD NEWS: My sewing method is not a long tailor procedure. Even the beginners can make it with these step by step procedure, i m mentioning below 👇 I AM SEWING FOR A 7 YEAR OLD, MAKE YOUR ADJUSTMENTS ACCORDINGLY THING REQUIRED: 2 meter plain cloth 1/2 meter printed cloth 9 tussels a pair of scissors measuring tape sewing machine  STEP 1 fig a fig b fig c Take a plain cloth, fold it in half for shirt front and back(fig a),now further fold it in half shown in fig will look as in fig c . STEP 2 fig d  place a best size shirt on the cloth and start marking.keep in mind,leave 1 cm seam allowance. cut it now. i will look

Perfect energy boosting shake

Who else in the World don't know about almonds,their nutrients and it's magic. Today,I am sharing a perfect shake but as per my every blog I always enhance on why their is a need to make that.   WHY TO TAKE this 👇 ALMOND BANANA SHAKE   kids never say no to MacDonald, fries, pizza and all that.full carbs.almost no gain Our mothers did so well during our learning ages. what we are giving?😕  The problem didn't end here;kids don't want to take such healthy snack.they always move their hand in a big NO. in my recipe almonds are a secret ingredient. i dare your kids never know that this shake has almonds in it. ALMONDS a super snack,contains a lot of healthy fats, protein,magnesium, calcium ans vitamin E. reduces hunger and do weight loss.  Loaded with antioxidants.protect your skin, hairs, skin nails and so on due to ageing pollutants and bad lifestyle routine It has nutrients good for cell membranes and nerve cells, thus a strong nervous system.

No sew fitted sheet

NO SEW FITTED SHEET Get help with adding AdSense code. Being a mother of three kids, it is really difficult to keep yourself calm. pick up your things make your bed do your homework sleeping time  all are the words which we are speaking hundred of times in a day. beside this its a precious time until your little are grownups and we regret about  "the least we loved and the most we yelled" so the first new year resolution. stop yelling Before sharing a fitted sheet tutorial,you need to know why its it is important to make it. Why to make a fitted sheet? its not slipping off no need to fix 5 6 times a day kids love to jump so HAPPY JUMPING! mostly ready-made fitted sheets have no pillow covers rooms look neat tidy and spacious you will get time for yourself no need to sew it lastly reduces yelling How to make a no-sew fitted sheet   PLACE A SHEET ON THE MATTRESS take a required size bed sheet for your bed. place the shee

how to peel garlic in 1 minute

PEEL GARLIC IN 1 MINUTE 💪     Hello every i would like to share a very easy way to peel a lot of garlic. You can keep them in fridge refrigerator, make a paste in a blender and use up to a month.Ready available garlic really reduces the preparation time of any dish. STEP 1 Put garlic in the chopper or salad mixer and rotate it.Make sure, no blades required. For the electric chopper, we need the plastic spinner used for kneading. Electric chopper            Salad shaker               STEP 2     Shake it for a minute or required time.You are done. make sure your bowl or garlic are not wet. to avoid too much friction. cornflour can be used.   Now you can use them the way you like. this technique is not 10 out of 10 but it is 9 out of 10 for sure.pls comment if you like.share with your mother,wife, sisters and cousins. they will always remember you whenever they peel garlic.😊😊  for further details check my youtube channel