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how to peel garlic in 1 minute

PEEL GARLIC IN 1 MINUTE 💪     Hello every i would like to share a very easy way to peel a lot of garlic. You can keep them in fridge refrigerator, make a paste in a blender and use up to a month.Ready available garlic really reduces the preparation time of any dish. STEP 1 Put garlic in the chopper or salad mixer and rotate it.Make sure, no blades required. For the electric chopper, we need the plastic spinner used for kneading. Electric chopper            Salad shaker               STEP 2     Shake it for a minute or required time.You are done. make sure your bowl or garlic are not wet. to avoid too much friction. cornflour can be used.   Now you can use them the way you like. this technique is not 10 out of 10 but it is 9 out of 10 for sure.pls comment if you like.share with your mother,wife, sisters and cousins. they will always remember you whenever they peel garlic.😊😊  for further details check my youtube channel